Hip Osteoarthritis


Usually groin pain worse for inwards rotation of the foot, or when lifting the foot high off the ground. This may be combined with a range of other hip region conditions causing a range of other pains in the area.


Radiology is essential. X-ray or MRI. Clinical evaluation will be helpful in clarifying which sites are causing pain and dysfunction.

Pain Mapping is very helpful to tease out which structures are causing pain.


This will be assessed at time of consultation, examination, imaging and potentially PAIN MAPPING (LINK).


Taking a view of how to address the underlying issues causing the problem. As with all conditions, we wish to avoid options that involve merely masking pain, and we will refer to surgery only when that is the best option.

Osteoarthrits of the hip, if not too advanced, can be treated with biological therapies. This will be discussed at the time of assessment and may include PRF or Fat injection.

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