Dr Simons

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Dr Simons is a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine in Western Australia and trusted physician to many who rely on him to repair their injuries and return them to optimal performance.  He sees a spectrum of patients ranging from older people with degenerative disorders to elite athletes.

Dr Robert Simons obtained his medical degree at the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 1976.

Dr Simons was introduced to prolotherapy in 1997 and since then has undertaken a number of courses in advanced prolotherapy over the years.

He practiced prolotherapy for 12 years before progressing to the use of Platelet Rich Plasma, Conditioned Serum and Concentrated Growth Factors as potent tools in assisting muscular skeletal repair and regeneration. His interest has always been driven by understanding the bodies capability of healing itself.

After attending courses and training in stem cells in Asia and the USA from 2005, he worked collaboratively with doctors in Europe and Asia to provide stem cells for patients.

The ideal patient for these treatments is someone with mild to moderate degenerative disease as these patients will have the most capability of benefiting from this technology.

Our Nurses

The nurses in this practice have worked with Dr Simons for 30 years collectively. They are highly competent professionals who are trained in general nursing, intravenous access, orthobiological procedures and preparation.

The nurses are an integral part of the practice, and are important in the patient experience here at Joint Medicine

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